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Personalized - Reward Jar

Personalized - Reward Jar

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These reward jars are designed to motivate young children to complete their homework, exhibit positive behavior, and excel in their studies. They serve as excellent tools for teachers, making them ideal gifts for educators. The jars can be used effectively for classroom management, and their visual appeal helps students track their progress towards achieving their goals.

Additionally, these reward jars are not only suitable for young children but are also great for toddlers. They serve as a valuable tool to encourage toddlers to engage in positive behaviors, complete tasks, and develop good habits. The jars provide a fun and interactive way for toddlers to track their progress and receive rewards for their accomplishments. With their personalized text options and visual appeal, these reward jars are an effective motivator for toddlers to do well and succeed.

The dimensions of the jars are approximately 8.5 x 6 inches.

Choose the option to personalize the text on the front of the jar without any additional cost or keep as is. Additionally, the jars come with a stand and /or magnets and 20 different shapes to facilitate their use as this is what will fit in the jar. If you have a specific shape you'd like send me a message I'm sure I could accommodate.

In terms of materials, the jars are constructed using a combination of Baltic Birch wood, and acrylic. However, it is important to note that these reward jars are not toys and should only be used under adult supervision.
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